Savarese Fight Fit is a welcoming space created to support you on your pursuit of wellness. We ask that all clients follow our gym etiquette to ensure that every member of our community has a positive experience.



Classes are non-refundable. Please note expiration date upon purchasing



  • Classes are to be reserved and paid for in advance to guarantee a spot in class.

  • You have up until 12 hours before class to change or cancel a class to keep the class credit on your account.

  • Any changes or cancellations after the 12 hour mark will be considered a "Late Cancel".

  • If you do not change/cancel your class and you do not attend, you will be considered a "No Show".

  • For any private or semi-private training options, there is a 12-hr cancellation policy in place. Please change or cancel your session at least 12 hours prior to avoid losing the session. 

  • Both a "Late Cancel" or "No Show" will result in loss of class if you purchased a drop-in class or any class package. 

  • If you are not physically present in the gym 10 minutes before the start of class, you may be considered a "No Show" and your space will be given away.



  • If a class you'd like to take is full, we encourage you to sign up for the waitlist!

  • If a spot opens up you will be added to class and will receive email confirmation. 

  • You are responsible for all classes you are added to from the waitlist the 12 hour cancellation policy still applies! Be sure to change or cancel at least 12 hours prior to class time to avoid penalty. 

  • If you no longer want a spot in the class, please remove yourself from the waitlist 12 hours in advance of the class. If you are added to the class and fail to remove yourself in time, you be subject to our late cancel/no show policies. 

  • Please make sure you are subscribed to class confirmation emails from us to receive waitlist notifications!



If you're running late, give us a call and we'll hold your spot for up to 5 minutes into class time. If you're not here at the start of class time and we don't know that you're on your way, your spot may be given away to a standby student and you will be considered a No Show. 




Our regular classes are open to students ages 16+ and we offer kids classes for ages 12-16.


If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian must be physically present with you to sign a waiver before your first class, no exceptions. Nannies or friend's parents are not permitted to sign the waiver for a minor unless they can show proof of power of attorney.

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