Train like a pro

60 minutes

Training like a professional boxer is about structure, discipline, and a bit of versatility. Improve your accuracy, agility, speed and performance.


A 60-minute workout based on reaction times in boxing. Head and footwork movements, jump rope, bag work using double end bags, water bags and drill sessions.

Currently not offered due to COVID19 


50 minutes

A functional training class with a combination of boxing. This class is designed from real fighter training sessions. Fighters use a mix of endurance, strength, balance & explosive movements. We make this class a fun atmosphere and all levels are welcomed. Coaches can modify each workout for you as necessary.


A 50-minute workout will consist of: 7-Minutes of cardio and bodyweight exercises + Six 3-Minute Rounds on the Heavy Bag + 45 Second of Rest between each round + 15-20 Minutes of HIIT / Functional Fitness Exercises.

signature boxing

60 minutes

This is a class 100% focused on getting you better at boxing. A cardiovascular workout with defensive drills, footwork, boxing stance, building combos and technique. You’ll build stamina, strength & endurance using bodyweight toning the entire body. Recommended for beginners.


A 60-minute workout will consist of: 15-minutes of cardio and body weight exercises + Eight 3-Minute Rounds on the Heavy Bag + 45 Second of Rest between each round + 15-Minutes of Core/Stretch Exercises

kickboxing class

60 minutes

A kickboxing class is open to all levels, men and women. Coaches will lead you through a non-contact strength and conditioning class that incorporates bag work, punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes.


A 45-minute workout will consist of: 5-Minutes of cardio and bodyweight exercises + Six 3-Minute Kickboxing rounds on the Heavy Bag + 45 Second of Rest between each round + -15 Minutes of HIIT / Functional Fitness Exercises.


warrior class

60 minutes

An athletic circuit training class with a variation of curated workouts designed by our fighters that use plyometric and explosive movements to build muscle and push you into a fat burning zone. Focuses on power, resistance and strength building exercises resulting in a stronger, leaner, and more defined muscles.  Equipment used: Box jumps, battle ropes, free weights, medicine balls and TRX. 




A 60+-minute workout will consist of: 15-Minutes of cardio and body-weight exercises + 30-Minutes of Full-body Functional Training Circuit + 15-Minutes of Core Work


All Level

From beginners to pros!


Our all level classes consist of high energy boxing workouts emphasizing on complex combinations and workouts. 


Appropriate for those seeking a challenging conditioning workout and taking their boxing skills to the next level. 




Highest Level


Challenge your physical and mental fitness while taking you through the routine training alongside a professional fighter. Think faster combos, advanced focus, working offense and defense skills.


Exceed your own expectations of what you're capable of and leave feeling that full-body burn.

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