Train like a pro

60 minutes

Training like a professional boxer is about structure, discipline, and a bit of versatility. Improve your accuracy, agility, speed and performance.


A 60-minute workout based on reaction times in boxing. Head and footwork movements, jump rope, bag work using double end bags, water bags and drill sessions.


50 minutes

A functional training class with a combination of boxing. This class is designed from real fighter training sessions. Fighters use a mix of endurance, strength, balance & explosive movements. We make this class a fun atmosphere and all levels are welcomed. Coaches can modify each workout for you as necessary.


A 50-minute workout will consist of: 7-Minutes of cardio and bodyweight exercises + Six 3-Minute Rounds on the Heavy Bag + 45 Second of Rest between each round + 15-20 Minutes of HIIT / Functional Fitness Exercises.

signature boxing

60 minutes

This is a class 100% focused on getting you better at boxing. A cardiovascular workout with defensive drills, footwork, boxing stance, building combos and technique. You’ll build stamina, strength & endurance using bodyweight toning the entire body. Recommended for beginners.


A 60-minute workout will consist of: 15-minutes of cardio and body weight exercises + Eight 3-Minute Rounds on the Heavy Bag + 45 Second of Rest between each round + 15-Minutes of Core/Stretch Exercises

kickboxing class

45 minutes

A kickboxing class is open to all levels, men and women. Coaches will lead you through a non-contact strength and conditioning class that incorporates bag work, punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes.


A 45-minute workout will consist of: 5-Minutes of cardio and bodyweight exercises + Six 3-Minute Kickboxing rounds on the Heavy Bag + 45 Second of Rest between each round + -15 Minutes of HIIT / Functional Fitness Exercises.


warrior class

60 minutes

An athletic circuit training class with a variation of curated workouts designed by our fighters that use plyometric and explosive movements to build muscle and push you into a fat burning zone. Focuses on power, resistance and strength building exercises resulting in a stronger, leaner, and more defined muscles.  Equipment used: Box jumps, battle ropes, free weights, medicine balls and TRX. 


Only offered Saturday mornings at 9:30am.


A 60+-minute workout will consist of: 15-Minutes of cardio and bodyweight exercises + 30-Minutes of Full-body Functional Training Circuit + 15-Minutes of Core Work


All Level

From beginners to pros!


Our all level classes consist of high energy boxing workouts emphasizing on complex combinations and workouts. 


Appropriate for those seeking a challenging conditioning workout and taking their boxing skills to the next level. 




Highest Level


Challenge your physical and mental fitness while taking you through the routine training alongside a professional fighter. Think faster combos, advanced focus, working offense and defense skills.


Exceed your own expectations of what you're capable of and leave feeling that full-body burn.

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