Lou's November Weigh In

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Last week, Savarese Fight Fit visited Rock Steady Boxing in Indianapolis to get certified to train our clients with Parkinson’s Disease. Rock Steady Boxing is a revolutionary program that empowers people to fight back against this debilitating disease.

Boxing moves the body in ranges of motion to build power, strength, flexibility and speed. Rock Steady Boxing has taken the movements in boxing to develop an innovative, non-contact, boxing-style fitness program crafted to delay, or even reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. We even went through the workout- it was tough!!

This trip was truly eye opening. I'm amazed by the work Rock Steady Boxing has done for Parkinson's patients, and can't wait to share the skills and techniques we learned. We are really excited to be one of the only gyms certified to assist those with Parkinson's.

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