Precious SPencer 

  • Precious Spencer

Precious is originally from a small area out of East Tx where family and sports are a “big deal” and which is what made her fall in love with the beauty of sports at a very young age. Precious played collegiate Volleyball at Texas Southern University which is where she also earned her bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.  Bringing fire energy is definitely one special spark of hers!  Precious has a long athletic background which she feeds and fuels off of every day to keep her well-rounded in her daily life today. Having been an athlete, coach and competing at different elite levels, the Leo Lion herself loves challenge’s which is what lead her to Savarese Fight Fit!


How would you describe yourself?

 Strong willed, Courageous, Optimistic, Fearless, Strong-hearted, Loving, Outgoing, FUNNY


Favorite Color:

Blue: The different hues of blues creates a dreamy feel. Each different blue has its own special flavor, which is why it’s such a breathtaking to color to me. It reminds me of the open skies of East Tx.


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